I persue the Feeling of FREEDOM through multimedia

Idealogy of iFEELFREE

Michael McVey

Ooh, I go higher,
And I say, oh, no, I go higher
This head that I hold, oh, it’s so tired
And I say, oh, no, I go higher
And I say, ooh

Electric Guest - ( This Head I Hold )

... i feel free
to create style, design with functionality
to realize cutting edge solutions
to cross platforms and environments
to persue creative freedom through technology
to go higher.


the Genealogy of


Bachelor of Science (Chemistry & Psychology): Otago University: 1991-94

Graduate Diploma in Multimedia: AUT: 2001

Macromedia Award for Excellence in Website Design: AUT: 2001

Dreamer of new challenges.
I still feel free.